Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back is a downloadable ebook in PDF format. Written by Matt Huston of Canada, it tells women exactly what they need to do to win back the boyfriend they just lost.

It is over 60 pages of insight, including chapters on the following:

Taking your life back
If he is already dating
Preventing a breakup before it happens in the first place
Reevaluating your relationship
Understanding why he broke up with you
Letting go strategies to reverse rejection

The drawback is that some of things are going to seem difficult given your emotional state. But it is true that if you want to get back the love you lost it has to start by getting yourself back.

Another thing is that you better be sure you want him back because if you follow the guide it will happen. And he will come back to you with all the same problems and flaws that he had to start with.

You will learn how to change some of those things over time as you build a new relationship on the equal terms you deserve. The happy times will return to your relationship and you will be free to pursue the future without fear of losing him again.

Matt has done a good job of telling it like it is. The information can be applied just as well to your relationship before you break up. And even if you decide you don't want that guy back, it will help you get your next relationship off to the best possible start and eliminate the problems that lead to the demise of the last one.

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